Bookmark fun!

For the SIGMS Playground I designed some bookmarks as our handout/giveaway. They came out really great and were a big hit, so I wanted to make some for back to school too. I used for the SIGMS bookmarks, and when I got an email about an awesome discount that they were running I went ahead and designed some for CMS! They came in this week and I’m so excited to kick off the year with these bookmarks:CMSbookmarks

I decided to go with a different design for each grade level. And each grade has a “color” for their lanyards and IDs that stand out against their school uniforms, so I went with those colors for the bookmarks as well. I also made them so there’s a place on the back for students to write their names.

I’m so happy with how these came out that I’m definitely wanting to put a bookmark contest on the agenda for this school year! It would be so exciting for students to see their own artwork on a bookmark all over the school!

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