Flat Fountain’s Adventure

I’ve posted sporadically about our amazing trip, but I must post fully about the adventures of Flat Fountain! For those who are scratching their heads, trying to figure out who the Flat Stanley-esque character is that appeared in numerous road trip photos on my Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook streams, let me tell you about Flat Fountain! Alaina and I have a really great principal, Mr. Fountain! I originally hoped that he would be coming to ISTE this year, but he couldn’t because he was busy awaiting the arrival of his first child this summer! A big congrats to the Fountains, who welcomed their beautiful baby into the world this week!!

We realized that Real Fountain was going to have a VERY busy summer, but wouldn’t be doing any traveling. So this is where Alaina and I came up with the idea of Flat Fountain! He would get to travel to all of the awesome fun places along our epic road trip…

Our adventure began on June 22 as we drove from Baton Rouge to San Antonio. Here’s Flat Fountain at the Texas state line.


We had a wonderful time in San Antonio at ISTE learning, exploring, and visiting with friends! Flat Fountain met many of our friends, including Matthew Winner.


He was excited to visit the Alamo, but was disappointed to find that there’s no basement. Flat Fountain also enjoyed the Riverwalk.

photo 9109310867_6fa631e817_b

Other ISTE friends included Moby and presenter Lori Elliott.

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After leaving San Antonio, we drove into New Mexico. Flat Fountain really enjoyed Carlsbad Caverns because he met a new flat friend there!

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We visited Roswell, NM and the International UFO Museum and Research Center, but Flat Fountain wasn’t too sure about those aliens…


We rode along Route 66 where we could, which Flat Fountain really enjoyed. One of the fun places he visited along the way was the Wigwam Village Motel!

9157307125_35c3569a35_b 9163457572_6a405ee54b_b

In Albuquerque, NM we had a great visit at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

9159997037_70e1ed5441 9162226674_60f6432755

Flat Fountain was very excited to enter Arizona because it’s such a beautiful state!

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The most exciting thing that Flat Fountain did in Arizona was rafting on the Colorado River! It was a HOT day (105 degrees), so Alaina and I went for a dip in the water (which was a CHILLY 47 degrees), but Flat Fountain obviously couldn’t get wet!

9177319793_7ffe05aaf8 9179539202_986878e275

On the way to Las Vegas, the winding road took us in and out of Arizona. We did get to make a fun stop at the Little Hollywood Movie Museum in Kanab, Utah. Flat Fountain got to play the part of a movie star in an old western!

9177338987_b370659cc1 9179552870_fd5ff60db8

The Hoover Dam was another must see sight on the Colorado River.


Flat Fountain was happy to spend a few days in the same spot…in Las Vegas! It was also nice to see a familiar face as my mom met us there! Vegas was the hottest town on our stop…LITERALLY, with a top temperature of 126 degrees!

9211311179_56ab2226d8_b 9215175957_58689ca2ea

After leaving Vegas, we took a scenic drive through Utah…such a beautiful state! Flat Fountain visited a number of National Parks along the way, including Zion National Park and the AMAZING Arches!

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Flat Fountain was snoozing as we drove into Colorado in the dark, and he recovered from the long day in Utah as Alaina and I visited with a friend in Denver (thanks for having us, Carleigh). Ahead of us was another long day of driving through Kansas. We did enjoy our visit to the Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum in Abilene, KS.

9218003694_a30d0b60b3_b 9279828860_430da62c3a

We stayed the night in Topeka, KS and visited Monroe Elementary School, home of the Brown vs. Board of Education Historic Site.

9277036275_489fcb452a 9277030707_7d9bc6f6a1

Flat Fountain was very happy to say, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” as we make another stop in Kansas City, MO. We made two more library stops: Kansas City Public Library and Truman’s Presidential Library & Museum. The Truman Library was one of the best museums we visited during the entire road trip! Flat Fountain particularly enjoyed the recreation of Truman’s Oval Office.

9279809152_77cba6636e 9277018667_25b1d5f68a

Our next stop was St. Louis, which proved to be a pretty tricky city! We ended up in Illinois twice after unintentionally taking the bridge over the Mississippi River. Flat Fountain finally had his chance to visit the Gateway Arch before we headed out of town.

9279793790_ec9d98060f IMG_3416

Next, we headed to Memphis, TN, the final stop on our amazing road trip. Flat Fountain visited Graceland, home of Elvis!

IMG_3439 9276995215_9f46b31791

And before heading home to Baton Rouge, Flat Fountain needed to do one last thing…send a post card from Graceland to baby Fountain!


What an incredible adventure for Flat Fountain…and Alaina and I had a blast too! I know that the memories we made on this trip will be shared ALL the time, for years to come!

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