Word Cloud… YES please :)

I recently posted photos of the amazing quotes that we’ve added to the stunning new library. The only place where I needed *something* was above the circulation desk area. Mom requested that I pick another quote and make it a short one (we’ve kind of had enough of sticking vinyl…). Of course, I’ve got to be difficult. Lying in bed two nights ago, I had the brainstorm to use that space for a word cloud. Not simple, but potentially awesome. Yesterday morning, I made a list of words I wanted included and assigned them each a size (XL=10”, L=7”, M=5”, S=3”).Then I started cutting on the Cricut machine, which takes longer than you would think. MI varied colors and thickness and crossed my fingers that it would fit together like a nice puzzle. Mom came up to the library yesterday afternoon and we got out the laser level again and got those fancy words up there! It was a long and frustrating day, but THIS LOOKS AMAZING! I think it may be the showpiece of the library! What do you think? ๐Ÿ™‚

20 thoughts on “Word Cloud… YES please :)

  1. Love love LOVE it Tiffany! They are repainting my library this summer, and I have a space that I had planned to put a word cloud too. Since they don’t plan to paint until the last week of summer (groan), I’m just not as far along as you! I love yours though–it’s colorful and fun! Your students are going to love it! Congrats on your new library!

  2. LOVE IT. I have a Cameo so I know how long all those letters must have taken. And we have a quote up that a teacher (bless her heart!) cut out for us a couple of years ago. I went for the purposely crooked look putting it up cause it was fairly high up on the ceiling (only one wall–DUMB SCHOOL ARCHITECT!) and long. You know the quote from Dr. Seuss about “The more that you read … “

  3. This is amazing and I hope to incorporate this into my library this year. Question: Could you clarify how many sheets you used of each color? This info would save this fellow librarian a little time and money. Thanks so much!

  4. I love your word cloud! I actually made one for a bulletin board behind my desk and I kept it there for 2 years since I loved it so much. However, the bulletin board diva in our building told me I needed to do something new. She’s probably right. It just took a lot of time to make it and I was really proud of it. Some of the words I used incorporated what you do in the library (read, explore, surf, cite, study, think, socialize, create, borrow, relax); what we offer in the library ( librarian, books, databases, magazines, newspapers, videos, etc…); different genres ( fantasy, sci-fi, historical, biography, poetry, etc…). Great job on yours. It is beautiful.

  5. Wonderful Idea! I think I will get the students to suggest words for the word cloud. It might be a great first day project. Thanks…

  6. Love this, I made a wordle for our school library but hadn’t thought to cut it on the Cricut. You’ve given me a great idea, off to check how many different font carts I have now xxsue

  7. I am a new librarian this year, and I’m always searching for great ideas for my library. I LOVE this!! It’s really inspired me. Thanks!!

  8. I am just seeing this post but I Love this. I have a bulletin board inside my library that I have not changed in awhile. This has inspired me!

  9. Love this! I just purchased a Cricut for the library and am so excited to use it to jazz up the place. Found your link in a Pinterest search. I will definitely be making my own word cloud.

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