Tech Tuesday videos with Tiff!

This week I debuted a video series that I’m creating for my teachers called “Tech Tuesday videos with Tiff.” I’m always looking for ways to share fun tech tools with my teachers, but finding common time to be able to do that is nearly impossible. By sharing something in video format, they can check out the tool when they have time. And I’ll build a collection of tutorial videos that the teachers can always access. In this week’s video, I shared SlideStaxx. You may find it useful as well!

2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday videos with Tiff!

  1. This is wonderful! Please keep posting your tech Tuesdays…I can’t wait to share this with my teachers.

  2. I can see using this tool as a way to quickly book talk in the library when classes come in. Thanks for the great video on how to use it!

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