Reason 5731 Why I <3 Middle School

I just love when I am reminded why I love middle school. These kids are just so much fun and out the box!

As I’m working on getting textbooks distributed last week, one of my 8th grade girls tells me I HAVE to check out her fingernails. I adore nail polish. At that particular moment, I was rocking my new crackle polish — maroon base with silver crackle. Go Wildcats! I thought it was pretty much the best until this girl showed me her polish. There was print on her nails! The ultimate librarian fashion statement! Naturally, I ran home and tried this out:

How awesome is this?! Here’s how you do it:

Paint your nails in the base color and let it completely dry. If you don’t let it dry completely it will mess up the texture. After it’s dry, dip a finger in rubbing alcohol. Then press newsprint over that nail. Press the print over the nail for a few seconds, then peel it off. Don’t wait too long or the newspaper will stick. You have to do this pretty quickly and one nail at a time. Afterwards, apply a clear top coat. LOVE!

So to all of my trendy library grrlz, go fancy up your nails! Start a trend at your school 🙂



2 thoughts on “Reason 5731 Why I <3 Middle School

  1. Love your creativity and passion for children, especially middle school. Hmmm…maybe I’ll try this on my toes while summer is still here. Imagine looking down and seeing part of Sarah Dessen’s new book.

  2. My 5th grade niece just told me about this…she is my librarian to be! I just love the cool things that kids do!!
    We start school in a week and I think my nails will look this way when I begin!
    Thanks for the pics!

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