I survived!

I, Tiffany Whitehead (aka librarian tiff aka Mighty Little Librarian), survived my first big presentation! After two weeks of completely immersing myself in preparing for this, I presented my “Free Tech Tools You Can Use” session at LACUE. The room was PACKED. Standing room only, with people even sitting on the floor. I’m not exaggerating, look:

Even though I wasn’t able to use my laptop, I got set up and was able to access everything through my wiki. I dressed like my Go! Animate avatar, which was way fun. I shared all of my favorite things and as many examples of them in use as I possibly could. I really hope everyone left with something that they’d like to try!

I fit a lot in to my 50 minute session. Hopefully I didn’t completely overwhelm too many people. I also tried my best to hold everyone’s interest. I’m loud, energetic, and a spaz so I think that helps. I also did a text-in Poll Everywhere survey to try and break it up. And I tried not to take it personally that one lady in the front row kept dozing off…

I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait to do more presentations in the future! I got a great response from the audience afterwards, so I definitely felt encouraged!

See all resources from this presentation on my fancy new presentation wiki at: http://librariantiffpresents.wikispaces.com

Thanks to my awesome administration for coming up and supporting me today. My principal even brought the camera and took these pictures ^. How awesome is she?!

5 thoughts on “I survived!

  1. Thank you for sharing all those resources with us today! Yours was, by far, the most useful and enjoyable session I attended.

    1. Meredith, thank you so much for your comment! It means so much to me that you found the session to be so useful! I hope that you’ll find great ways to apply some of those fun tools and share your success with others (and with me!).

  2. Oh Tiff! I am so proud of you-YAY! Where are the pics!? Also, can I say again how much I love your presentation wiki idea? I’ve been putting off doing that for a while now…just relying on my blog & school pd tech wiki. Brilliant!

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