LACUE part deux

So I’ve written about the keynote by Vicki Davis, Leslie Fisher’s Gadgets session, and a little from Brian Mull’s session on Internet Responsibility. And of course lots about my session on free tech tools. I have to say that I’m still feeling like a rockstar after my first big presentation. I’ve gotten such great feedback in the form of email, tweets, and comments. I had such a great time presenting and felt like the many prep hours I spend was well worth it. Presenting is something that I definitely want to do more of in the future…after all, what’s the point of soaking up so much info if I don’t share it? My hubby knew I would love it. The first thing he asked when I called him after my presentation was, “So are you hooked? What are you going to do next?” I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I went to lots of sessions, so I’m going to share the highlights:

Jefferson Parish has got it going on with their Techneaux 21S program. They have formed partnerships with many museums and historical sites and students are researching and creating podcasts and videos to be used by these organizations. I hope that I can follow their lead and form similar partnerships here in Baton Rouge for my school. The authentic learning experiences that take place in these projects are absolutely incredible.

My pal Paula Naugle presented on Web 2.0 Lessons Learned. She did an amazing job of sharing how she manages web tools in her classroom and overcomes the obstacles that they sometimes present. Paula is a pro with so much to share and so much passion for what she does. I was able to have lunch with Paula on Friday after both of our presentations, and I really appreciated the chance to visit with a like-minded thinker.

I was also able to catch the last half of Brian Mull‘s presentation on Google Maps. Google Maps is something I have not had the chance to mess with too much, but after Brian’s session I really want to because the possibilities are endless! I’m really glad that I had the chance to meet and connect with Brian through LACUE and Twitter. Yay for a growing PLN!

LACUE was such a great experience for me. I realized that I’m much more of a hardcore tech nerd than probably 95% of the educators in my state, but I’m okay with that. In fact, I kind of like it 🙂

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  1. Hi Tiffany,
    Thank you for your kind words. I really am glad we connected at ISTE10 and again here at LaCUE in Baton Rouge. We Louisiana educators and Twitters have to stick together and keep encouraging others to join the conversation.

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