TL Cafe Smackdown!

If you regularly attend the TL Virtual Cafe webinars, you know how much fun we had last year at the Open Mic Smackdown! If you don’t regularly attend the webinars…well, you should! And what better webinar to start with than tomorrow night’s SMACKDOWN! You don’t need to be part of the library world to participate or attend. ALL educators are welcome! If you have an awesome tool that you love, please add it to the Google Presentation and show up ready to share! If the idea of sharing in a webinar is too overwhelming for you, you should still join us tomorrow night! Here’s the details…

Hope to see you there!!

One thought on “TL Cafe Smackdown!

  1. TL virtual Cafe is really awesome. and i have been checking the archives lately. Edutech smackdown was very informative and my head is teeming with ideas. Thanks for spreading your ideas through your blog. I am following your blog regularly to get more ideas. Keep up the good work!

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