Overdrive – This is the comic that I created to introduce Overdrive to my students and teachers!

SO many of my students got eReaders for Christmas and came back to school so excited. Then a week or so in, they started to realize that ebooks cost money. And middle schoolers generally are unemployed, which will really cut into an individual’s book buying budget. My budget isn’t exactly full of oodles of money for ebooks, either. However, our school is lucky to be located in the parish (now you all know, in case you didn’t before, that I’m from Louisiana) with one of the best public library systems in the country! And our public library is always adding ebooks and audiobooks to Overdrive. So even though I’m not at a point where I can offer many ebooks through our school library, I can show my kids how to access Overdrive with their public library card.


I did a short 10 minute session during each of the lunch periods this week to show students Overdrive, what our public library can offer them, and how they can use it with their various devices. There were lots of excited students (and teachers, too) that came in to learn about Overdrive. I’m sure there will be lots of excited parents, too, when their kids show them that they have access to so many ebooks and audiobooks for FREE!

Ahhh…the perks of having a library card 🙂

2 thoughts on “Overdrive

  1. Well done! I even have Comic Life and still haven’t gotten one of these ready for our Overdrive launch (our district has an Overdrive collection, as well as the public library). Do you mind if I share this idea with others in our district?

  2. Love this. Really need to do one for our students and staff. Even our very tech savvy Kindle reader Assistant principal didn’t know the public library had Overdrive. Also think I’ll do a lunch session on this for Teen Tech Week.

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