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Happy Birthday to ME! Yes, I scheduled my “Library Petting Zoo” on my 26th birthday…because I wanted it to be like a party! And it was! It was such a great day.

The original date for this was set for last Friday, but a “snow” day (there was not even a hint of snow, but it was cold) put a stop to that. So I rescheduled. I totally stole this idea from the awesome E-literate Librarian, whose blog I adore. When I read about her Petting Zoo, I knew I had to do this! Everyone was intrigued by the name. And then they reminded teachers on the morning announcements, so all the kids thought there were going to be actual animals in the library. I know I’m crazy, but they must think I’m COMPLETELY nuts (and I’m okay with that). I had quite a few laughs over their reactions.

I got lots of birthday love from both teachers and students, and my mom even made great snacks for me to share with visiting teachers. I really wanted to draw them in because I’m desperately trying to drum up library business! They all know that I’m a techno-geek, but today they got a real taste of what I’m into. I think some great collaborative projects are going to come out of conversations and ideas shared in the library today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I had to have some animals in my zoo, so I kept this Glog up on my projector all day. All of the animals were animated, so it was very cute!

I just got in some great content-related graphic novels that I ordered from Scholastic with our Book Fair profits, so I put those out on display.

I had four stations set up with laptops and my tutorial comics with four fun, easy, free, teacher-friendly tech tools. We “petted” with Glogster, Animoto, Voki, and Mixbook. The first three have great resources and areas specifically for educators. I’m looking forward to working with the teachers on projects featuring these tools. I already lined up a poetry project using Voki and a project on the rock cycle using Glogster. YEA!!! Although I’m not a Mixbook expert, I used that one because I could “sell” it to everyone — including any non-instructional staff that stopped in. I have a feeling several grandmas will be using Mixbook to make a brag book.

All of the resources, links, and comic tutorials I created are here on my presentation wiki. Feel free to use and share!

I also had our available Flips and digital cameras out to pet and remind teachers that they are available for them to use.

The cake balls and king cakes provided by my wonderful mom (and #1 volunteer) didn’t hurt, either!

Several teachers mentioned that they would be interested in having more activities like this and other more in-depth sessions over the summer. YEAH!! I’m pumped! I love my job and I’m so excited about what’s to come 🙂

9 thoughts on “Library Petting Zoo

  1. Happy Birthday, Tiff! An absolutely awesome way to celebrate it with your faculty and staff. I can tell you are pumped (understatement) about the collaborations that will come from your efforts today.

    And to have teachers ask about more events like this – in the summer!!!!!- is the awesome-est!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. The feeling is mutual:) So glad it went well. Hope the good news keeps on coming at your new position. Jazzed that you are middle school and look forward to sharing ideas. You rock!

    1. Thanks! I used Comic Life to create the tutorials. It’s SO simple and easy to use and makes awesome comics.

  3. Thanks for all the great ideas from your PD With a Twist Webinar. I was inspired! I am hosting this month’s district librarian’s meeting on Wednesday and will be offering a Technology Petting Zoo. I will keep everything set-up since I am hosting the zoo for the teachers on Thursday. Very excited about it. Any last minute tips or ideas? Thanks again!

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