Creating a LEGO Wall in our library was one of the things that I was most excited about when planning our library makerspace. I knew this would be the centerpiece of our space and that it would be a big draw for my students. All of my inspiration for this LEGO Wall came from Diana Rendina and her photos, video, and blog posts about her own Epic LEGO Wall.

Diana has written an awesome how-to post that I followed in the construction of our LEGO Wall. You can find all of the information you need on her blog — I followed her instructions exactly and everything came out perfectly. I also love that she made a timelapse video of the wall’s installation. When I was trying to “sell” the idea of the wall to my administrator, this video really helped me explain what this was all about.

With the help of my awesome parents, it took us less than two hours to put up the LEGO Wall. I would recommend assembling the wall on a Friday afternoon so that things can dry over the weekend. We put the wall together on a Sunday afternoon and it was tough keeping the students away from it on Monday so the glue could set!

Photo Oct 19, 12 34 27 PM

We’re still working out how time can be made for students to use the makerspace and create on the LEGO wall. Each day we have a 20 minute Advisory/Intervention time, and my group is able to access the things in our makerspace to create, tinker, and play.

Photo Oct 21, 8 55 11 AM Photo Oct 21, 8 55 04 AM

They also helped me organize and sort out our LEGOs:

Photo Nov 05, 10 22 21 AM

I love seeing what our students create! Our school is in a somewhat rural/country area, so I was not at all surprised to see the word “deer” and a pin with a cow in it within the first 24 hours of the LEGO Wall being open for students:

Photo Oct 22, 5 09 16 PM

And I was really excited to see that during a slow time on our parent-teacher conference day, our band and choir teachers stopped in to do a little making of their own:

Photo Oct 31, 11 59 31 AM Photo Oct 31, 11 59 38 AM

So many students, teachers, and parents have shared their excitement about our new LEGO Wall. It’s such a great place for students (and teachers!) to express their creativity and just have a little fun!

6 thoughts on “LEGO Wall

  1. Hi! We love the idea of a LEGO wall! Can you share with me how many green LEGO boards you purchased to make the wall you currently use? Also, which LEGO sets did you buy initially? We have purchased the LEGO Education kits, but I am thinking a few large boxes of assorted LEGOs might just inspire more creativity than the sets? Thoughts/recommendations?!?!

  2. Would you recommend this for high schoolers? I saw you at CSLA. You really inspired me with all that you are doing in your library. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas!

    1. I haven’t done a LEGO wall at the high school. But I do have lots of whiteboard space and put chalkboard paint on the circulation desk…the high school students love it!

  3. We are thinking of doing a Lego Wall for our Public Library. Did you use the Lego brand bricks or did you use another brand? Any do or don’t advice? We are wondering if we should take the wall all the way to the floor. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. I used Lego brand for the plates, but not all of my bricks were Lego brand. Do a drive and have families donate — so many folks have kids who have outgrown their Legos and might be willing to donate them!

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