Holy Bananas UPDATE!

Gosh, I’ve been busy. So much to update!

First, I spent the beginning of last week at LACUE, our state technology conference. Good times! I really enjoy presenting — I mean I get to be the center of attention, I get to spread my ideas, I get to try to be clever and witty to see if I can get a few laughs.

Really, though, it was a successful presentation. My session was called “Favorite FREE Tech Tools,” and my links and resources can be found on my presentation wiki.

I’m hoping to do more presenting in the future and I also would love to do multiple presentations at LACUE 2012.

I came back from the conference on December 1st which was an exciting day — our FIRST ever author visit at the CMS library! Louisiana author Diana Rowland came for an after school meet-and-greet, where she talked about her writing process and publication. Diana is good people! The students loved her! After, my ELA friend and I took her out for dinner and we had a blast. Such a great day!

This is Diana’s most recent novel. Isn’t the cover insane?! Despite the fact that I was a bit hesitant about diving into this zombie novel, I really LOVED it! Even though the novel is definitely a high school level, a few of my more mature readers have gobbled it up like a jar of brains (hehe, I couldn’t resist!).

I’m so glad that we were able to introduce this amazing author to our students, particularly those that have an interest in writing!



We had a slamming TL Virtual Cafe Library World Smackdown on Monday which ROCKED! If you missed it, you can check out the archive here.

And now, the best for last…I’m nominated for an Edublog Award in the “Best use of audio/video/podcast” category!! I’m so excited and so HONORED to be included in the rockstar crowd that is the Edublog Award nominees! And I’m not going to lie or be all full of fluff…of course I want to win! If you haven’t before, please check out the MightyLittleLibrarian’s YouTube Channel. If you like it and are so inclined, VOTE FOR ME! 🙂

I will admit, though, that there are some friends of mine that are MUCH more deserving that I am of an Edublog Award. The Daring Librarian is SO VERY deserving of so many categories, including “Best Library/Librarian Blog” and “Best Educational Wiki.” AND it’s time that we get out there and vote to give Joyce Valenza the “Lifetime Achievement” award for everything she’s done for our profession!

So there ya go, my friends! It’s been a great week!

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