EdCamp Louisiana

This past Saturday was the first EdCamp Louisiana and it was amazing! The photo above was taken afterwards of 4 of the 5 organizers – Valerie Burton, Brian Mull, myself, and Paula Naugle. We waited too long to take the picture, so we are missing Carl Gaines.

It really was a wonderful day and so many great conversations took place. There’s nothing better than being around inspiring, passionate educators and it was a bonus that these peeps are local! I led a session on digital storytelling tools, which was really fun. One of my gems of the day was meeting and talking to Tinashe Blanchet — for me she’s one of those people that you just connect with and feel that they are a kindred soul. I adore her – she’s cute and loves all things cute, I mean come on!! She’s doing awesome things in her classroom and shared some great resources, including Canvas, a learning management system that I’m very interested to learn more about. She also shared in a great session on QR Codes, which I definitely plan to dive into this school year.

The most AWESOME thing about EdCamp was getting to meet such great people that are so close by. ISTE is amazing, but when I leave, I’m sad because we disburse throughout the country. Here I realized that we have a concentration of awesomeness in our state and we need to harness that and band together! We need experiences like this more often.

EdCamp Louisiana…holla! Now get involved and go plan your own edcamp!







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