CMS Library’s Limited Time Offer!

This is the title of an email I sent to my teachers today. I’ve done an obscene amount of weeding in the fiction section and I’m trying to give away as many of the books as I can to classroom libraries. In hopes of enticing teachers to take books, I sent this infomercial style email. The teachers got a laugh out of it, so I thought I’d share it:

Teachers —
I know that you are all VERY excited about testing next week. Especially since you are going to have the incredible opportunity to spend some quality time with your homeroom students. Some of your students are going to have a nice chunk of time to do some reading after completing their tests. I would like to think that ALL of our precious darlings are going to have a library book that they are already engrossed in and can’t wait to read. Sadly, I know this won’t be the case. In fact, there may even be a child that gives you that deer-in-headlights stare when you ask where their book is.
THANKFULLY, I have the solution to this annoying little problem. I have plenty of give away books that you can have for those times when your students have somehow managed to not have a book on hand!
Now I know you are busy and the last think you are thinking about is running to the library to get some of these books. Lucky for you, I’m willing to deliver! Let me know about how many books you would like for your classroom library, and my workers will deliver them to you classroom. What a great deal, right?
If you respond to this email with the number of books you would like, you can expect your delivery within the next day or two. And if you’d like, I can even throw in a free set of encyclopedias!
Don’t delay! You won’t want to be faced with a lack-of-books situation next week!
Your librarian,
Tiff 🙂

One thought on “CMS Library’s Limited Time Offer!

  1. Cute email. I’m saving my “weeds” for a student book swap before we break for the summer. I’m stretching the limits of “discard” in our policy manual, but we have loads of kids with NO books at home and some of these books are still useful, but I’m running out of space.

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