The Google Apps Revolution

I love Google. People get all bitter because Google is so successful and, well, HUGE. I’m not bitter. Especially since I really want my district to take advantage of Google Apps for Education. I’ve been wanting this for a while now, but wasn’t sure how to go about starting this movement. I use Google Docs (particularly the forms feature) for everything. Recently, my teachers started using Google Docs for it’s collaborative features and they love it too! SCORE!

So this week, some things went down, we got our feathers ruffled, and I was able to pool some teachers together to get something started to try for change. After a meeting and some valuable conversations, there is a group of us that are hoping for the opportunity to get access to Google Apps for our teachers and students. How great would that be?!

This is all still in the very early stages. I am hopeful that we will be able to help our district move forward so that we can prepare our students in ways that they deserve. I work with unbelievable teachers — they could teach effectively with zero resources. However, they deserve the opportunity to teach in completely innovative ways, and I want to help them get there.

So this post is sort of vague and hopeful, but I felt like I should document where things stand right now.

Also, if you have resources that you think would be helpful (pros/cons to using Google Apps for Education OR anything that could provide a similar alternative), I would be extremely appreciative!


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