LACUE on Friday!

I’ve been sort of missing around these parts lately because I’ve been in massive preparation for my first non-school presentation. That’s right, I’ll be presenting at LACUE, our state technology conference, on Friday. I’m a planner and an obsessor, so I’ve been consumed with hammering out my presentation. However, I am not one to plan what I’m actually going to say — which makes for interesting presentation planning. My preso is on “Tech Tools You Can Use,” and all of the tools I’ll be sharing are FREE! I hate going to a conference session that’s trying to sell you stuff. So in my 50 minute session, I’ll be cramming in as many awesome tools (most with awesome examples) as I possibly can!

Today I did a “dressed rehearsal” with some of my AWESOME co-workers at school. All of my planning paid off, because my timing (which I was concerned about) was pretty much on point. I’m quite the talker and low self esteem has never been my struggle, so I don’t generally get freaked out in front of an audience. Plus, I’m rambling about things that I LOVE and know, so I’m pretty comfortable.

The best computer teacher in the world (I love you, Steph!) videoed my preso, so I’ll see if I can stomach my obnoxious voice to see how I did. I felt good about it, but hate watching myself since I’m a spaz (what can I say, I talk with my arms). I’ve compiled some pretty sweet resources into my presentation wiki, so you should check it out and find a new favorite toy! I’ll ¬†update after the big event, too!

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