Back in Business!

So Monday was the first day that I was able to get back into the library! I haven’t been able to go in the building since the last day of school. The new roof, new AC and new ceiling/lighting are in and fabulous. Here’s what I walked into at about 12:30 on Monday:

I let myself hyperventilate for a few minutes. Then my mom arrived and started cracking the whip. Honestly, I would be pretty much useless without my mom. She had a crew of our friends come in to help and we were able to get so much accomplished on that first day. All of the library books were outside in the hall:

My AMAZING Scholastic Book Fairs rep hooked me up and let me borrow some cases for moving out and storing books over the summer. This really was a life-saver. I cannot imagine how things would have gone if we hadn’t been able to use these cases. We got down to business and got everything unloaded from the cases in about 4 or 5 hours! By the time we left the library at about 6:30, this was the way things looked:

Pretty amazing, right?? We got everything else moved back in yesterday. Everything is put away except for the STUFF with problems that I have to deal with in one way or another. And I haven’t touched my desk yet. I’m very happy with what’s been accomplished and it wouldn’t have happened without my amazing volunteers!

I think we might actually be ready for the start of school next Wednesday…wow!

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