Bookish Activities

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done some fun activities during middle school library visits to engage our readers with more books.

7th graders participated in a Book Tasting activity, which allowed them to spend some time reading from different genres. Many of them spent some time with genres that they don’t typically read, but found that they actually enjoyed. Below is the slide deck I used to guide the activity and the “Menu” handout that students used for their tasting.

Book Tasting (Presentation) by Whitehead, Tiffany
Book Tasting by Whitehead, Tiffany

Our 8th graders also had a recent library visit where they started working on Book Talks that they will be recording and/or sharing with their class. The slide deck and template below include two different style options for the Book Talk format. Our amazing 8th grade English teacher already had something in mind for this, so one of them is the adaptation we came up to meet her criteria, which includes an excerpt/quote from the book.

Book Talk Slides by Whitehead, Tiffany
Milligan Book Talk Script by Whitehead, Tiffany

Feel free to use and adapt these resources to make your own!

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