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This year, I’ve served as the President of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians and on the executive board of the Louisiana Library Association. If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge advocate for getting involved in your professional organizations.

Our annual conference was last week, and serving as President meant I was involved in a number of events. We kicked off the conference on Wednesday with a Google Tools workshop, where I was lucky enough to present with some amazing LASL librarians: Kim Howell, Stephanie Wilkes, and Chris Young. I shared my love for Google Calendars, Keep, and Hangouts. The best thing about doing a group presentation, though, is that I always learn something from the other presenters, and this session was no different. Like learning that you can type doc.new in your Chrome browser and a new Google Doc will pop right open. Mind blown!

On Thursday, I was honored to moderate a panel for the Louisiana Teenage Librarians Association (LTLA). The panel was made up of several student leaders and their librarian sponsors who lead Library Clubs in their schools. LTLA holds an annual conference that is full of fun: book discussions, a guest author, contests, a talent show, and a dance. This group completely inspired me and I am so excited to shart my own Library Club and take the trip to the LTLA Conference next year!

On Friday morning, I presented with another great group: Kim Howell, Elizabeth Kahn, and Stephanie Wilkes on a session we called “So I’m a School Librarians…Now what?”

Again, it was such an honor to present with these amazing librarians that I admire and respect so much. We definitely went over our time on this session because there were so many amazing ideas to share and the audience got really involved with sharing their own ideas and experiences as well. When you’re in a room full of amazing librarians and have a chance to throw down some great ideas and library wisdom, you can’t help but leave feeling inspired and ready to take on new projects.

We wrapped up the conference with our LASL Makerspace Lunch & Learn. This was new for us, as we typically host an author luncheon at the conference, but we wanted to try something new that would give attendees a chance to network and have some hands-on experiences. I did a Facebook Live video tour of our Makerspace Lunch & Learn, which you can check out below.

I’m going to end by saying that conference planning is stressful for all involved, so be sure that you thank the people in leadership roles within your professional organization when you see good things happening. I also encourage your to get more involved with your professional organizations if you are not already. When we work together for the good of our profession, we all grow!

3 thoughts on “Update from LLA Conference

  1. Tiffany, you are an incredible librarian and an even more fantastic person! You have taught so many of us in the profession about sharing, sticking our necks out, and being the best for our students as possible. All along with being a wonderful family member & friend. I hope you know how much you are appreciated by so many. For me, you changed my professional life the day I met you. I am forever grateful and look forward to everything to come!

    1. This totally made my day! You are such an inspiration and I appreciate everything you do to support and advocate for libraries and librarians!!

  2. Doc. new? What a concept, I love it!!!! I also tried: form.new and slide.new and sheet.new. They all worked to create a new google document. Thanks, and I shared this with my teachers this morning. Asked that they share this with their students.

    Thanks, Tiffany, for all that you did this year with LASL. We can share and learn so much from each other. Since most of us work alone, it is crucial that we make use of our professional organizations to connect. On another note, it was so fun presenting together, and I hope that we can do it again. Elizabeth

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