Flooding Central with Gifts for Christmas


The city where I live and the school district where I previously worked was massively affected by the flooding this August. Many families continue to struggle as they are displaced, work to rebuild their homes, and deal with the emotional burden of experiencing such a loss. As I shared my experiences from the flood on social media and through my blog, I had many people ask how they could help. This is a way that you can show support and care to those affected. I hope you will share this opportunity with administration or groups in your school that would be interested in adopting one or more of these students this holiday season.

If you are interested, please contact Janet Stevens at jstevens@centralcss.org.

One thought on “Flooding Central with Gifts for Christmas

  1. I am not sure where Central Community Schools are located but hoping that they are recovering and able to go forward. How unforunate for the children and staff to have to deal with such a circumstance. Will continue to keep good thought for your success.

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