National Board Certification funding to be cut

I’ve written quite¬† few times about my National Board Certification aspirations. In fact, I’m planning to video my Take One! entry lesson tomorrow. And I have a meeting on Monday about the grant available for those taking part in the National Board Certification process for next school year. NBC is an intense process that requires a lot of refection on teaching practices.

Today, this article ran in the paper.

I knew this was a possibility, as funding has been cut in some other states recently. I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen here, because I was planning on using that extra stipend to go back to grad school. My own personal disappointment aside, this is a really outrageous move on the part of Superintendent Pastorek. The statement that certification does not equate quality teachers is infuriating. Someone who is able to meet the NBC requirements and successfully complete all aspects of the portfolio and testing sessions is capable of delivering¬†high quality education. The committment required to complete the program speaks to their drive to go above and beyond. Could someone be a high-caliber educator able to succeed in the program, but not put forth the effort everyday in their classroom? I’m sure that’s possible, but is that possibility a reason to deem the program is not successful? I think that it’s the school and district’s responsibility to make sure their teachers are doing their jobs! There are so many educators who are constantly seeking ways to grow and improve, and the removal of an incentive that promotes this is disheartening.

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