Louisiana School Librarians Navigating School Library Programming in the Face of COVID-19

My friend and a constant source of inspiration, Amanda Jones, invited me to be apart of a webinar to talk about what we face in returning to school for the 2020-2021 school year. We were joined by another inspiring library friend, Lovie Howell. Although we still have a lot more questions than answers, it was great to share ideas and remember that we are not alone!

In the webinar, I remind everyone (myself included) that we need to go into this year knowing that we aren’t going to be our best. It’s going to be a struggle this year. We will try our best, but this year is going to be hard for us all. We have to remember that we have each other, and we are going to get through the challenges.

If you’re interested in watching Amanda, Lovie, and I chat about our survival plans, you can catch it here on YouTube:

The slide deck with links is here:

And Amanda created a Wakelet with other related resources: