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It’s been a while, folks! That’s because I’ve been on Spring Break. It was fab – the hubby and I visited our nieces in North Carolina, then I spent a few days relaxing with my mom in Gulf Shores, AL. I definitely needed some travel and relaxation to get me ready to push through these last weeks of school which are promising to be hectic and chaotic to say the least.

Next week is iLEAP testing, so I’m doing some last minute reviewing with my third grade classes. We are doing some practice questions on PowerPoint that I found here.

Photo by rightee, Creative Commons liscense

The review only took a little while, so afterwards we did a lesson on Internet Safety. It’s so important that we start teaching kids how to realistically be protective of their identities online. I used this really great website created by the Virginia DOE and the Professor Garfield Foundation, which you can check out here. There’s no doubt that my kids love Garfield, I mean, he’s a pretty witty cat. I really like the way this site is set up – for the topics of Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying there’s a 5 minute cartoon followed by some interactive questions. I did just the Internet Safety activities with my 3rd graders because of the review time we spent, but I did both with my 2nd graders. I think they really got how they need to not share their “yappy.” Good stuff, man!

Photo by gadgetdude, Creative Commons liscense

In other news, I’ve applied to grad school! I’ve been trying to convince my college BFF to go back with me, but she’s just not ready yet. So I bit the bullet and applied to go back all by my lonesome. I’ve found a really great program at Northwestern State University here in Louisiana that has a 100% online program in Educational Technology Leadership. Yep, that’s all me! I’m nervous, excited, and can’t wait to get started.

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  1. Tiffany – I read your “Let’s get to know each other” post on the Teacher Librarian Ning (I posted mine yesterday) and came to check out your blog! You’re writing is very informative, and is really inspiring to me. I saw that you just applied to grad school, congratulations! I’m also starting online graduate classes next month, through IUPUI here in Indiana. I’ll be going for my MLS and media certification, and also for my teacher’s license (it’s probably going to take awhile). Anyway, keep up the great writing :).

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